Young version of Natsu like back in time in his childhood

About Young Natsu Edit

Free Natsu

Starts as C rank mage

He can reach rank A.

Obtained from Young Natsu C at Lv 5

Dragon Slayer wizard

Requirements to Upgrade: Edit

From C to B: Edit

It is required 5 Young Natsu's Salamander Card

 character level 30

From B to A: Edit

It is required 10 Young Natsu's Salamander Card

character level 30

Base Stat Edit

Magic Power:69 Magic Power:101 Magic Power:197
Spirit:31 Spirit:84 Spirit:164
Dexterity:18 Dexterity:82 Dexterity:162
Attack power:138 Attack power:202 Attack power:394
Defence:31 Defence:84 Defence:164
Speed:1 Speed:8 Speed:16
Dodge:9 Dodge:41 Dodge:81

Magic Edit


he is dragon slayer class so the other attack would be buy at the Magic Crystal Shop.

Reference Edit

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