Ultimate Magic can be gained by completing Tower of Paradise (ToP) challenges. ToP level 1-4 gives you the first Ultimate magic. ToP 5+ gives you the second Ultimate magic. Ultimate magic allows you to attack ALL ENEMIES.

You can only equip one ultimate magic at a time.

Class Ultimate 1 Ultimate 2
Dragon Slayer Red Lotus Flaming Slash Red Lotus Dragon Fist of Fire
Elemental Ice Blade - 7 Slash Ice Make Scythe
Knight Titania Armor Black Feather Armor
Summoner Aquarius Scorpio

Ultimate Magic Merging Requirements

In order to use the ultimate magic scroll, you will have to merge it first with other spells purchased from the Magic Crystal Shop. The table below gives you the upgrade requirements for each Ultimate. Once you have all the required spells in your inventory, go to the Magic window and hit the "Merge" tab to merge the Ultimate. To use the ultimate magic, hit the ultimate magic tab and drag icon to Ultimate section for your character.

Ultimates 1 require the corresponding class Rank D & E spells. Once you merge D & E spells, they are consumed into the ultimate.

Ultimate 1 Class Spell #1 Spell #2 Total Crystal Cost
Red Lotus Flaming Slash Dragon Slayer Salamander's Iron Fist Salamander's Wing Attack 80
Ice Blade - 7 Slash Elemental Ice Make Knuckle Ice Make Cannon 80
Titania Armor Knight Flying Armor Inferno Armor 80
Aquarius Summoner Sagittarius Leo 80

Ultimates 2 require corresponding class Rank A, B, & C spells. Obtaining your character's Ultimate 2 is one of the Rank S mage upgrading quests.

Ultimate 2 Class Spell #1 Spell #2 Spell #3 Total Crystal Cost
Red Lotus Dragon Fist of Fire Dragon Slayer Salamander's Claw Attack Salamander's Fire Spray Salamander's Blade Horn 1000
Ice Make Scythe Elemental Ice Make Arrow Ice Make Hammer Ice Heavenly Sword 1000
Black Feather Armor Knight Trident Armor Thunder Lord Armor Elastic Robe 1000
Scorpio Summoner Aries Virgo Cancer 1000

Upgrading Ultimates

Ultimates can be upgraded like the usual magic. If you have the required amount of magic crystals, you will be able to upgrade it to the next level. The costs of upgrading are incremental and increase with the level of upgrade.


Costs of upgrading the Ultimate to level112

Runes can also be used to upgrade any magic used by your character. Runes are obtained by completing the Edolas Challenges. You can access runes and Edolas Challenge once you hit level 60. Adding runes to the different panta positions (e.g. fire, earth, wind, water, spirit) gives different effects.