Silver is the main currency of the game, and it is the most important resource. Here are some ways to obtain silver coins.

  • Rainbow Tree: each shake will cost gold coins, which increases in increments of 2 (e.g. 1st time = 2 gold, 2nd time = 4 gold, etc.). Only use this option if your tree level is high (lvl 20+) or you will not get much silver from it. Have your friends water your tree daily. Each person can water a friend's tree once. You can water your own tree to a max of 3 times daily. VIP 4 gives the 1-click shake option which costs 110 gold but gives you a lot more silver.
  • Garden: this function unlocks after level 40. You are given 8 money plants that you can plant & harvest in a day on a plot of land. Each harvest has a 1 minute cool down period. Silver coin harvested is . Cerience seeds to get some experience for your characters. Cool down period is 5 hours for experience seeds. You can pay 20 gold to avoid cool down (CD) time as well.
  • Bounty: all quests will give you some silver. If you join a guild that has a high enough level, you can purchase buffs to increase silver, experience, & elemental energy.
  • Arena Fights: winning an arena fight gives you silver (~10,000 per fight) and some reputation.
  • Silver coin cards: can be obtained from online gifts, gold/silver/bronze chests gained from arena ranking, boss fights and Grand Magic Games (level 70+).
  • Escort: gives a lot of silver and magic crystal, and some reputation. There are a maximum of 3 escort instances, a total of 12 fights, within each 30 minute session. Held twice a day at 1000 and 1600. You need high attack to finish all 3 sessions (at least 10K+ per character).
  • Boss Fight: gives at least a million silver and reputation. Silver and reputation depends on how much damage you deal to the boss.
  • Battle for Store: fight monsters or other players to take over a shop.
  • Thieves: hunting thieves gives good silver coin return if you can deal a lot of damage (coin drop is dependent upon amount of damage dealt). Thieves appear twice an hour between 1st escort until new day (1000-2400), then hourly from 0100 to 0900. You will see the server message when the thief appears in town.
  • Elite Instance: defeat elite characters to obtain equipment. Go to the shopkeeper/equipment merchant. Click on him to enter the Equipment shop. Click to select the equipment, and select "sell." Amount of silver will depend on the level of the equipment. Higher the level, greater the silver obtained.