In the Mining Magic Crystal interface, you can get Magic Crystals at a random rate. To get more magic crystals, click the left blue pickaxe at the bottom, and a random amount of crystals will show up. The interface will play slots and determine how many times the number of magic crystals shown it should be multiplied by.

(Ex: If the number was 10, and the slots stopped on 4x, then I would have 4 times more than the said amount 10, or 4 x 10 = 40 magic crystals.)

The number of crystals is random and will depend on your level. (Ex: level 10-crystals 1-5; level 80-crystal 6-11)

Each time you click the mining bottom it will cost you silver, you have 10 silver clicks, and 30 gold clicks, the silver ones goes from 50.000-100.000 silver coins.

Using gold mining bottom will change the multiplication number between 3-5 and will cost you 50 gold each click.