This is the place where you can buy new spells. Higher level spells require you to upgrade your mage's element level. Level 1 element (note all positions need to be upgraded to achieve level up - fire, earth, water, wind) will give access to Rank C spells. Level 2 element gives access to Rank B spells. Level 3 element allows you to use Rank A spells.

Currency used here is Magic Crystal and can be found through Mining Magic Crystal (you pay silver to a maximum of 10 times to mine crystal, addition mining costs 50 gold each time but has higher possible return in crystals).

Magic Crystals can also be gained through cards (see Fairy Tail Online Gifts).

Completing escort events (held twice daily), gives you the most amount of crystal: 400 for completing 1st escort instance, 880 for completing 2nd escort and 1280 total for completing all 3 escort instances. Each escort event has a maximum of 3 escort instances or 12 fights in total. You are allotted 30 minutes to complete all three instances. If you run out of time, you only get silver, crystals and reputation for the instances completed.

Magic crystal shop
for a quick view of avalibable magic click, Dragon Slayer, Elemental, Summoner and Knight.