Companion plant

It is the place you can plant coins and experience for your companions

How to Use Garden: Edit

when you open the interface, you pick a lot, choose a seed and then you pick the companion, Refreshing will give you more Exp or Silver as well as being Higher level


Experience Seeds: Edit

the experience seed have a 6 hours cooldown and you can use as many as you can

  • Only Heroes (No longer your main) can use Exp Seeds
Tier Type How much Exp per level Cooldown Max Exp Gained (Lv 120) Refresh Cost
White Seed 5000exp 6hours 600,000exp N/A
Green Seed 10,000exp 6hours 1,200,000exp 10gold
Blue Seed 15,000exp 6hours 1,800,000exp 10gold
Red Seed 20,000exp 6hours 2,400,000exp 10gold
Purple Seed 25,000exp 6hours 3,000,000exp 10gold
Orange Seed 30,000exp 6hours 3,600,000exp 10gold

Silver Coin Seeds: Edit

Silver Coin Seed have 1 minute Cooldown and you can use up to 8 Seeds
Tier Type How Much Silver per Level Cool Down Max Silver Gain (Lv 120) Refresh Cost
White Seed 2000Silver 1minute 240,000silver N/A
Green Seed 4000silver 1minute 480,000silver 10gold
Blue Seed 6000silver 1minute 720,000silver 10gold
Red Seed 8000silver 1minute 960,000silver 10gold
Purple Seed 10,000silver 1minute 1,200,000silver 10gold
Orange Seed 12,000silver 1minute 1,440,000silver 10gold