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help me i can't rank up because of gold key quest!? there's an error in quest description, just pass taurus to lvl2 !
They Launched a New Server, and FT App Page on FB announces they sent 1000gold and 100stamina how do i get it?? Many Players Say You can get this "At the Release" of the Server or After 3 to 4days, The FB Admin says he gives it to a Batch of Players, Batch is about 36-60 so im guessing 36-60 Players ? to get 1000gold and 100stamina, possibly the Top 36-60, This is Most Difficult and Accurate Answer.
Has Facebook App for FTO been Removed?? Yes Unfortunely, we didnt hear much of the Backstory, appearently the Fairy Tail App the GM on FB announced that there Developers have been talking to the Staff on Facebook and they have a Misunderstanding so.. it will be Gone for a Long time (Starting June 26, 2016)

So you are going to have to Play on the Offical Website for Now On

When Do New Servers Launch? Well almost Every Week, There initial Time has always been at 2:00 4:00 or 5:00 GMT time, Currently its 5:00 which is 5am in the morning for GMT people
My Quest Says i need Level 15 for my Path to S Rank 2star quest, but the Max says... Level 10 Please Help?
How do i use autorun

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