Dark World

also known as "Rise of Darkness or World of Darkness"

Horrible dark magic era is coming along with Zeref’s awake, a dark mage, establishing a willpower of revenge by means of dark and blood.

A solitary dark cosmic is created by Zeref, catering for the re-birth of a dark era.

Brave mages make their indefatigable steps to search for an unknown future, whether great dreams and wishes doom or live, the light of justice could dominate the world or not, all these could be expected accompanying the results of long lasting battles between two mages parts, the dark guild and the legal guild.

The legal guild followers fight against Zeref, resolutely for bright pursuing while some other cohorts lose themselves in front of dark temptation.

Dark magic users make negative effects to the world to be indulging in dark, sacred magic users would have chances to be purified as sacred mages; each combating part gifted its own attributes and specialties.

Dark world bosses are renovated randomly, with certain possibilities dropped items, Lost Magic and rare sacred porps like Time Crystal Ball and Black Dragon’s Curse, excluding silver coins and Rune Shard.

Characters level over 70 would have the chance to be rivals in the Inter-Server, where start combats in the Dark World (World vs World) .

Confrontation between the dark and the legal, kingdoms countering and mages rivaling,

All the glory will be presented in Fairy Tail OL —Rise of Darkness

Entry requirements:

Requirements and Conditions: Stamina Cost Limits:
Entering the Dark World Lv 70 10stamina only for Entering
Staying for 90minutes Free Stamina No Stamina Burns/Free for 90mins
Jumping to Area 1stamina after staying 90minutes
Stamina Burn any Longer than 90mins 1stamina per 1minute after staying 90minutes
Death By Monster N/A Kicked from Dark World (1min)
Death By Player N/A Kicked From Dark World (5min)

Playing Kill Models Introduction:

Dark World has four models: PVE Model, Union Model, Local Model, and Entire Model.

First entry into Dark World is defaulted as PVE Model, could attack robbers only instead of any players;

Union Model is a style of platform attacking while same platform attacks are unavailable;

Local Model is a style of server attacking while same server attacks are unavailable;

Entire Model is a style of indiscriminately attack. 

Dark Mage and Holy Mage: Edit

These are the Titles when you achieve from killing in Dark World and Will grant you Stats

Dark Mage Suggestion for Main: Dragonslayer, Elemental Mage (more Power)

Holy Mage Suggestion for Main: The Knight, The Summoner

Dark Mage Stats
Lv1: +10% Attack, +5% Speed, -5% Defense, -5% HP, +4% Critical. 
Lv2: +12% Attack, - 5% Defense, +5% HP, +4% Critical
Lv3: +5% Attack
Lv4: +5% Attack, +2% Defense, +4% Critical, +2% Parry, +2% Resilience, +4% Armor Penetration
Lv5 (MAX):
Holy Mage Stats
Lv1: +10% HP, +5% Attack, +5% Defense, +5% Resilience and +3% Parry
Lv2: +12% HP, +6% Attack, +6% Defense, +5% Resilience and +3% Parry
Lv3: +()%HP, +7% Attack, +(16)% Defense, +5% Resilience, +3% Parry and +5% Dodge
Lv4: ?
Lv5 (MAX): ?

How to Level Dark Mage and Holy Mage there are 4 Relics that Increase Title Exp, Rain of Sakura/Dark Revelation (1 point), Solar Eclipse (1points), Divine Prayer (1point)

Holy Mage Requirements Dark Mage Requirements
Level 1 Requires 1 Rain of Sakura Level 1 Requires 1 Dark Revelation
Level 2 Requires 3 Rain of Sakura  Level 2 Requires 3 Dark Revelation 
Level 3 Requires 9 Rain of Sakura Level 3 Requires 8 Dark Revelation
Level 4 Requires 27 Rain of Sakura Level 4 Requires 27 Dark Revelation
Level 5 Requires 81 Rain of Sakura Level 5 Requires 81 Dark Revelation

Locations: Edit

  • Train Station
  • Hargeon
  • Onibus
  • Magnolia
  • Tomb of Karen
  • East Forest
  • Garuna Islands
  • Wrecked Magnolia
  • Aklane
  • Caitshelter
  • Edolas
  • Exteria
  • Tenrou Island
  • Grand Magic Games
Train Station Portal to the "Dark Labyrinth" Requirement Lv 70
Hargeon Portal to the "Ruin Tunnel" Requirement Lv 90

Monsters: Edit

Known Monsters Relic Drop Rate Hit Points (HP) Item Drops (Killed) Locations
Thief with Gold N/A 1,000,000HP N/A Dark Labyrinth (DL)
Fallen Thief with Gold 1:1500 7,000,000HP Silver Coin Cards, 1 Blue Crystal

Relics: GoE

All Towns
Magical Thief with Gold 1:750 21,000,000HP Silver Coin Cards, 5 Red Crystals, 1 Blue Crystal

Relics: GoE, PoF

All Towns
Mutant Thief with Gold 1:20 70,000,000HP Relics All Towns + DL

(mostly Exteria, Caitshelter and Edolas)

Dark Thief with Gold 1:2 42,000,000HP Can drop any Relic, except for EoV and ToS Edolas, Exteria, Caitshelter
Wandering Spirit 1:250 28,000,000HP GoE, PoF, TDSS Ruin Tunnel (RT)
Haunted Spirit / / / Removed from the Game
Cursed Spirit 1:150 70,000,000HP Relics:

GoE, PoF, MH

Ruin Tunnel
Evil Spirit 10% 140,000,000HP Relics:


Ruin Tunnel
Lullaby 99,99% 840,000,000HP Relics Dark Labyrinth
Dark Lullaby 99,99% 1,200,000,000HP Relics Ruin Tunnel
Deliora 90% 280,000,000HP Relics Ruin Tunnel

Strategies: Edit

Have HIGH ATK and High Magic Level, Armor Penetration, Critical Rating and make sure you have some lvl2+ double attack runes.

Dragon Slayers: Double Attack Rune, The Knight: Dmg Reflection

Weaknesses: Effects:
Blackout Rune/Lucy's Magic Stun
Freed's Magic: Dark ?criture 22,000dmg for 2 turns 10% chance
Double Attack Rune Double Attack Chance for whole group
Damage Reflection Rune Reflects Damage back at Enemy
Penetration Rune Lowers DEF to Target Enemy
Bixlow's Magic Lowers 15% DEF to Target Enemy

Only your Main can use Ultimate all other Heroes cant.

*Caution to All Players who too Weak* Spirits, Lullaby, and Deliora will attack back and kill you, and you will be kicked out of the Dark World so best avoid them for a while.

Have High DEF, Parry, Dodge, Resilience (and DEF amplify if you wish). if you Face off with the Spirits, Lullaby, and Deliora. how to defeat them is rather simple, Live through 3 Attacks and you Automaticly Win.

Weaknesses to the Enemy Effects:
Demon Mira's Buff 20% to all heroes DEF
Recovery Rune 4%-16% Restore Total HP
Weakness Rune Lowers ATK to Target Enemy

Relics: Edit

The Different Relics

There are 14 Relics and some New ones Recently here is a list we use *note* these Relics are Backpack items

Pride of Fiore (PoF) Effect: +18% Max HP (Stacks with GoE)
Gift of Edolas (GoE) Effect: +15% Max HP (Stacks with PoF)
Book of Steal (BoS) Effect: +10% more Silver in Dark World
Thunder Dragon Soul Stone (TDSS) Effect: +10% DEF
Mountain Heart (MH) Effect: +4% Gem Effect (Stacks with ToS)
Tears of Sky (ToS) Effect: +8% Gem Effect (Stacks with MH)
Crystal Ball of Time (CBoT) Effect: +4% SPD +?% Rune Trigger
Dark Revelation (Only Dark Mage) Effect: +1 Title Exp to Dark Mage, Grants Dark Mage +40STA
Rain of Sakura (Only Holy Mage) Effect: +1 Title Exp to Holy Mage, Grants (other) Holy Mages +1STA,

the caster of RoS loses 5STA

Divine Praying (Only Holy Mage) Effect: +1 Title Exp (Cost 5STA) -1 Relic (Any Relic)
Solar Eclipse (Only Dark Mage) Effect: +1 Title Exp (Cost 5STA) -1 Relic (Any Relic)
Curse of Black Dragon (Dark Mage Lv5) Effect: -10% HP, DEF +15% ATK, 10% chance 10-100% ATK DMG in battle
Dragon Bone Talisman (Holy Mage Lv5) Effect: -10% HP, DEF +5% ATK, 10% chance 10-40% Dmg Reduction in battle
Ur's Memory (Dark/Holy Mage Lv5) Effect: +3% ATK, DEF, HP +2% chance to Freeze Enemy (Elemental Mage)
Eye of Void (EoV) Effect: +10% Gem Effect
Stone of Fate (SoF)

(Holy Mage Lv6)

Effect: +5% ATK, DEF, HP
Berserker's Heart (BH) (Dark Mage Lv6) Effect: +5% ATK, Critical, AP and increase the CoBD trigger chance

Hargeon's Map Edit


Location of the differents temples in Hargeon.