• Zegaloft12

    Enlighten me

    March 5, 2017 by Zegaloft12

    Okay, I've been around the game for say 2 and a half months? Currently Rank A at level 82.

    Let's get down to business, I hope people know at least some and give me solid answers.

    • What's Mage EXP? I at least know the difference between regular EXP and Mage EXP.
    • What's the most efficient way to improve your character? Keys? Enhance? Gem? Magic? Research Institute? I've seen a few lower levels than me doing better on their characters(stat wise) and since anyone else but the player can see the BR distribution.
    • Are Challenge Instances any good? They're for obtaining materials to upgrade Pet equipment as far as I know, for the follow up question, are Pets important?
    • Is the Element interface critical in the long run with higher element levels? Dying t…
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  • Swordkingshadow

    Demon Mira Wizard

    November 20, 2016 by Swordkingshadow

    Old Game Demon Mira Wizard had different stats and diferent way to get it.

    Now we have one Demon Mira char that can be upgraded to rank SS.

    So if you want to check out the old stats welcome to see them.

    • A rank mage
    • She can only reach rank A
    • Obtained in the Famous Mage Ranking for 28 Darkness Tatoo of Demon Mira.
    • Knight wizard

    • When you obtain Demon Mira by First Recharge Gift Pack
    • A rank mage
    • She can reach rank S
    • Knight wizard
    • Requirements to upgrade:
    • 40 Darkness Tatoo of Demon Mira

    • And when you obtain Demon Mira because Grand Magic Games credit shop for 650.000 credits
    • SS rank mage
    • She can only reach rank SS
    • Knight wizard

    FMR Rank A FRGP rank A FRGP rank S GMG Rank SS
    Magic Power:227 Magic Power:314 Magic Power:450 Magic Power:524
    Spirit:228 Spirit:183 Spiri…

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