When reaches level 30, player could attend  for shore event.

Enter the street player could check your own store info or occupation info.


Choose store and click occupy, once you win the battle, you have occupied the store.

If the store is occupied by player, you could receive 30% resource after win the battle.

You could gain a large amount of silver coin in this event.

there are different levels for the shops, higher level better reward, the reward work if you stay in the shop for 3 hours.

Level Reward
1 180.000
2 900.000
3 1.800.000
4 2.430.000 and 1 or 2 material
5 4.284.000 and 1 or 2 material
6 7.425.000 and 3 material
7 360.000 and 45 voucher
8 900.000 and 85 voucher
9 1.800.000 and 120 voucher

materials are use to upgrade your Guild level, this vouchers are use to buy stuffs in the Shop.