How look the Auction inactive

Auction is a daily event where u can bid to win a famous wizard. But it will Cost you 3100Gold (Cheaper than buying from the store for 31 S Rank items for 3720gold) but if you like Good Heroes like these ones go for it

When you Win the Auction you will gain a Mage Card in your Mail. it will notify you when you win

Pros: Edit

-Every 100gold Bid = +5 to all Stat

-Cheaper than other heroes

Cons: Edit

-No Extra Abilities on there Magic Attacks (Like Freed's additional Dmg)

Panther Lily
-You CANT Outbid yourself (Sorry)

you can get: Edit

not longer available by this way

  • Elza (The Knight) [up to Rank SSS]
  • Gazille (DragonSlayer) [up to Rank SSS]
  • Gray (Elemental Mage) [up to Rank SSS]
  • Jubia (Elemental Mage) [up to Rank SSS]
  • Lucy (Summoner) [up to Rank SSS]
  • Natsu (DragonSlayer) [Up to Rank SSS]