The arena is the place for you to fight against other players and proof your strength

Knowing The Arena: Edit

Getting to know what your Up against its going to be your biggest Challenge you got [Ranking] and [Inspect] to Help you.

Arena Facts: Edit

  • The Arena Refreshes the Arena Ranking for you (Bottom Left Corner timer) EVERY 1hour, but for some strange reason the timer runs faster (cuts 10seconds every minute)
  • Win or Lose you get a small Reward for Killing
  • Kills without Dying will give you a Big Chest Reward (IN TOTAL)
  • You have up to 20 Attacks (Can be Purchased for 5gold if you want Extra)
  • Refreshing Opponents Cost 10gold
  • [Ranking Reward] will be Given at the Start of Siege Battle
  • Any of the TOP 30 players can be Champion and gain Champion Reward.

Strategies for Getting Kill Streaks: Edit

  • Method #1 Remove Equipment, and Skills (slight difference on Skills) and Ask for players to knock you back into a lower rank
  • Method #2 Wait for Server merge (can take forever or Sooner than expected, gotta wait least 4-6months) can set you back to about 4000th place or Farther
  • Method #3 Start Over (Not the best Option but do-able)
  • Method #4 Kill Ranks lower than you when the Arena Refreshes, or when you refresh it (Example: im Rank 73, and there are 2 Players that are Rank: 76 and 83, i can kill them and not move up in rank) and gain Kill Streak points. or if your really powerful like the Top player you can just Destory them.

Arena Rewards: Edit

Reward Conditions: Silver Reputation Element Energy Cooldown:
Victory Over Opponent 10k 4 10 N/A
Defeat Over Opponent 5000 2 5 10mins
3 today wins (total) 10k 10 1000 Next Day
5 today wins (total) 50k 20 2000 Reset
10 today wins (total) 100k 30 6000 Reset
20 today wins (total) 150k 40 8000 Reset
30 today wins (total) 250k 50 10,000 Reset

Ranking Rewards: Edit

When There is a Event Going on Such as Girl's Day, Valentines Day, or Any Event. you will Gain a little extra item in your Arena Claim

Champion Reward
Arena Chest: Ranking: Bonus Silver & Reputation & Element Energy
Arena Champion Chest 1st Place
Arena First Runner-up Chest 2nd Place
Arena Second Runner-up Chest 3rd Place
Top 4-10 Chest 4th to 10th Place
Top 11-20 Chest 11th to 20th Place
Top 21-50 Chest 21th to 50th Place
Top 51-100 Chest 51th to 100th Place
Top 101-2000 Chest 101th to 2000th Place 100k Silver & 35 Rep & 500 Element Energy