This is the next rank after B, rank color is Pink.

Mages with this rank (sorted by name):

  • Aria (Elemental Mage)
  • Bixlow (Summoner)
  • Cana (Elemental Mage)
  • Cobra (DragonSlayer)
  • Demon Mira A (Knight)
  • Eve (Elemental Mage)
  • Evergreen (Elemental Mage) [unavailable]
  • Hoteye (Elemental Mage) [unavailable]
  • Ikamaru (Knight) [unavailable]
  • Jose (Elemental Mage) [unavailable]
  • Leo (Elemental Mage) [unavailable]
  • Racer (Elemental Mage) [unavailable]
  • Sho (Knight)
  • Simon (Elemental Mage)

Mages that can reach this rank (sorted by name):